Snake repellent is used to remove and prevent snakes from moving into your home or property. Over the years there have been many products that claimed to repel snakes, but I have found that most are not that effective. So I decided to make this site to help the general public get information that people in the pest control industry, like myself, have known for years. The truth of the matter is that most hardware stores are just selling you “snake oil” products that will not work.

Snake Repellent

Snake Scram snake repellent

Snake Scram Professional

When picking what snake repellent product you are going to use there are something that you need to consider. In some cases people are so worried about the snakes that they want to use a poison or some means to kill the snake. I do not recommend this unless you or somebody is in immediate danger. Snakes play a very important role in the ecosystem and help control rodent populations in the wild which in turn help keep them out of your property. If you live in an area with a high snake population I would recommend taking preventative measures like a snake repellent maintenance plan. Most pest control companies will offer this at a very costly price, but the secret is that you are able to handle this yourself and safe a lot of money! I know that many people have a fear of snakes and this is the best way to prevent any kind of conflict. When handling these products you should always wear gloves because they can have a strong odor that you do not want on your skin. It is a natural product, but it works be creating an invisible fence that repels snakes.

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If you are currently dealing with a snake in your house or even a large infestation of snakes around your property, I have products that will work. They will also save your a ton of money by not having to hire a pest control company to remove the snakes. DIY snake control is something that anyone can do with the right information and this site will show you how to use repellents the right way. I also provide information for people that are looking for a more humane and natural snake repellent.

Natural Snake Repellent

Natural Snake Repellent


Natural snake repellents have become a great way to humanely remove snakes that are on your property. The most important thing is to remember to never handle or approach a snake unless you are a professional. It is always very sad when someone with good intentions get bite by a snake they were trying to help. If you are wanting to make sure your property if not infested, but do not want to harm any snakes this is the best method. Natural snake repellent should be applied in a locations were there is snake activity that you do not want. This is obvious but sometimes people only put the repellent in one location and it is a waste of product.

This can require using large quantities and reapplying a couple times, but this is still way cheaper than hiring a professional. This is the method that I have found to be the most ethical as wells as extremely effective. When I am dealing with a problem the natural snake repellent product that I use is called “Snake Scram Professional”. It comes in a very large container which makes it great for large problems and leaves you plenty of extra when dealing with a small problem. This being said the other products that I have listed on this site do work and be a more economical options for people especially for small infestations.

Homemade Snake Repellent

Homemade snake repellent is something that many people try, but they are usually ineffective. The most common method that I have heard people try is mothballs. This is something that people have been using for different types of pest control problems including snakes. Overall most homemade snake repellents are not effective, but there are methods like certain plants that have some success. They require attention and adjusting your landscape around them in order to have a chance of working. I have tried most homemade repellents for snakes that you can find online and non have performed anywhere close to that of the professional snake repellent products you can find here.

This is not saying that all homemade snake repellents are worthless, but I have found that many are a waste of time. I would not recommend this for someone that is trying to solve a problem quickly. If you have time to experiment and are interested in just doing some preventative application this is not a bad option. This is normally done by people who do not want to use snake poison which is a good thing, but that is why companies have developed great natural products.

Snake Traps

This is a great option for a person that has a single snake in the house. The most common areas that you will have a snake living inside your house is the attic or crawlspace. From these locations they usually have easy access to get inside the home which can be scary for some people. We have listed two products that we have found to be the best snake traps that work great. One is great for inside a home and another one is for setting outside at the locations they are entering the home.

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snake trap

Snake Guard Snake Trap

The picture to the right is the product that works great for snakes inside the house. We recommend it because it is not as expensive as other snake traps, but it is also reusable if you buy more glue traps. It is a humane option to capture a snake and move it to a better location outside of your home. Make sure you purchase glue boards when you are doing this because they need to be replaced after capturing a snake. We also provide a link to a product that is for all weather including rain. This is made of quality plastic which works on the same idea of providing a place for glue traps to be set. These are important because they are designed to attracted snakes.


Snake Tongs

These are tools used by professionals when handling snakes from a safe distance. If you are not in the pest control industry I would not recommend trying to use a snake tong to capture a snake. But when you have one in a trap they are a great tool for moving them without harming the snake or putting yourself in danger. For non poisonous snakes these are not a bad option for removing a snake from your house, but we always recommend being as safe as possible if you do not have experience. That is why capturing a snake is best done by a trap, but moving them can become a lot safer when you have a snake tong.

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snake tongs

Snake Tongs

You can get snake tongs in different lengths and this depends on the size of snake you are dealing with. If you are not sure I would recommend the longest tong. This is an important step to make sure you are safe during the snake removal process because you want to have the right safety gear. These have many benefits besides capturing snakes like grabbing objects that are hard to reach. It is important to make sure you properly clean the tong if you use it to capture a snake before you do anything else. These are just great overall tools that last for a very long time and I recommend checking out our page on them for more information.

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